AMV UI was founded in 2012 by Muhammad Hary Mukti (Uki, class of 2009) and his team, the team was the first team from Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia who participated in 5th Roboboat Competition in Virginia Beach, USA. Unfortunately, the team at that time were unable to participate in the competition successfully due to the handling accident of Makara-01, which was during transportation from DC to Virginia Beach. However, this would not stop the spirit of the team to develop advanced unmanned marine technology for Indonesia. Upon the accident, they built Makara-02, an Innovative USV with SWATH Hull for Operability in Sea States Military and Civilian Support, namely Sea Ghost Project. They won National Best Design Award and successfully passed autonomous mission in National Unmanned Vehicle Competition in Indonesia. It also becomes viral in social media due its achievement with MABES TNI (Indonesian Military Force) and inspiration to Indonesian unmanned technology in the future. Henceforth, the next generation AMV was built to give benefits in a civilian manner, particularly Search and Rescue Mission. We had collaboration research with Indonesian SAR Department and successfully commissioned a prototype of Makara-03 which has the self-righting capability and conducting SAR mission in rough seas condition. Makara-04 was developed to do surface and underwater on the same platform. The design was inspired from the latest technology inverted axe bow and it was equipped with waterjet system in order to greatly reduce the noise from propulsion during fully-submerged condition. This prototype has won 2nd runner-up place in National Unmanned Marine Vehicle Competition in Indonesia. The next generation Makara-05 and Makara-06 is a first trimaran hull that was developed by AMV UI to compete in 9th International Roboboat Competition. This design was aligned to support Indonesian Unmanned Surface Vehicle called bonefish developed by SAAB Technology. This year we build Makara-07 a pentamaran boat to compete again in 10th International Roboboat Competition in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. Here is our boat project :


  • Makara-01
    Participant on International Roboboat Competition 2012
  • Makara-02
    Best Design Award in National Roboboat Competition 2013
  • Makara-03
    Search and Rescue Autonomous Boat Research with Basarnas
  • Makara-04
    3rd Place in National Roboboat Compeetition 2014
  • Makara-05 & Makara-06
    Finalist Tanoto Student Research Award 2015
    5TH Place on the 9th International Roboboat Competion 2016
  • Makara-05 Mark II
    Finalist KKCTBN 2016
  • Makara-07 & Aero Makara
    Awardee Tanoto Student Research Award 2017
    Currently Progress for AUVSI 10th International Roboboat Competition 2017


Furthermore, Autonomous Marine Vehicle UI is a collaboration research team between UI Robotics Team and Department of Mechanical, Faculty of Engineering. Please NOTE that AMV UI is not under or affiliated with other marine or naval architecture team, AMV UI is an independent student technology organization which is at the campus / university – level and under UI Robotics Team. This team focuses on building and developing the unmanned system of the surface and underwater vehicle within the marine environment.

Currently, the team content by 11 team members and 20 interns which from differences majors in Universitas Indonesia. There are from Naval Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Medical, Nursing, Economic and Business, and other major across faculty in Universitas Indonesia. It is completely important for the team in order to develop such an advanced technology, it requires multi-discipline knowledge, not only technical skills but also non-technical and managerial skills. As students, we are eager to discuss, compare and compete our prototype with another team around the world in order to enhance our skills at the 10th International Roboboat Competition which is held by Association for Unmanned Vehicle System International (AUVSI).

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