MAKARA 08 is a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) which has been the first winner of the 2nd ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition 2018. In addition, this ROV is made to overcome the problems occured under the sea such as recognizing aircraft wreckage, lifting it up, determining and fixing OBS (Ocean Bottom Seismometer), and finding a new point for implementing wind turbine.

MAKARA 08 is divided into two main parts: main tube, which used to be the place for the electrical component, and the frame which is used to hold main tube properly and stable. Furthermore, Our ROV is facilitated with a sophisticated manipulator for accomplish underwater tasks, on which it is powered by a waterproof servo motor to support mission of grabbing the stuffs. To support its speed and maneuver, MAKARA 08 uses four Bluerobotics™ Thruster T100 which are mounted on the main hull of ROV. Image processing technology are implemented to support ROV in sensing colors and shape during accomplishing underwater tasks. With the compactness of the electrical main board and the safety features attached on the ROV we believe that this ROV could solve the underwater problems and could be developed more in the future.