Muhammad Hary Mukti (Uki) was a founder and project leader of the AMV UI team in 2012. He was Naval Engineering student, class of 2009. As MAPRES Academic Student FTUI 2010, he was eager to develop advanced technology student activity among the students. He and his best pals Meisar and Haski dared to go out of the box from the department-stagnant-mindset-activity and become the first team from Faculty of Engineering to go to the competition in the USA. Currently, he is studying deepwater technology at Texas A&M University USA as the awardee of Indonesian Presidential Scholarship by the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2014. During his leadership, he was successfully bringing AMV both in National and International recognition. One of them has he initiated a Military Roadmap with MABES TNI in Sea Ghost Project to create a roadmap of Unmanned Surface Vehicle in Indonesian Environment. Furthermore, his team was earned 1st best design, became a speaker in National Television, won 2nd Runner Up of Universitas Indonesia Innovation Challenge and much more.




Aditya Meisar was the managerial of the AMV UI. He was Naval Engineering student, class of 2009. He had a big vision before joining AMV. and he saw that AMV has great potential that could bring him to the next level of the engineering student. Then he successfully became part of the enormous achievements of MAKARA-01, MAKARA-02, and MAKARA-03. He also was the theessayclub chief of PR division of IMM FTUI that also led him into a chief of Naval Engineering Universitas Indonesia Alumni Association. He was the key person of the AMV UI study project in RobotX Competition held in Singapore 2014. Currently, he is working as Product Design Engineer at DENSO.







Irvan JP Elliika was the Electrical Engineer of AMV UI. He was Electrical Engineering student, class of 2008. He graduated with Cum Laude in Electrical Control Engineering, minor in Electric Power. He received some awards on Robotics Competition in National & International Level.









Haski Apriliandi was the Naval Engineer of AMV UI. He was Naval Engineering student, class of 2009. He had an important role in the improvement of hydro modelling in Universitas Indonesia with Uki. From “ply-wood” activity into a real-modelling using combustion engine, 2 strokes 45cc 7 horsepower fiberglass mono-planning hull that is able to reach 45 mph average speed. This innovation that was one of the strength of AMV UI in Naval Engineering discipline. Currently, he is working as an engineer at PT Freeport Indonesia







Hadid Fadilah was the Mechanical Engineer of AMV UI. He was Mechanical Engineering student, class of 2008.









Ikhwannul Kholis was the Electrical Engineer of AMV UI. He was Electrical Engineering student, class of 2008.









Ayun Arifianti was the Manager of AMV UI. She was Pharmacy student, class of 2008. Seh obtained her master degree from Universitas Indonesia.








P.S. Thanks to Dadi Bangun Wismantoro who was Naval Engineering student, class of 2009 and helping AMV UI in the initial establishment phase.